Make a copy of this spreadsheet in your own Google Drive to use. The link is to the template. There will be occasional updates as pay plans change, errors are found, or new features are added. Updates are listed below.

To make a copy of the spreadsheet click File > Make a Copy. You must be signed in to your own Google Drive to make a copy.


9/4/2020 Version 7.0 – Created tabs for the entire year, January through December, and added Spiff logs for each month. There is also a total tab that adds up the whole year. Currently, negative numbers appear deducting the $2,000 draw; this will be resolved in a later update. Updated commission to 15% per individual deal as opposed to the entire gross total. If 15% of gross is less than $150, $150 is the lowest amount. Column C must indicate New, Used, New Half, or Used Half to be tallied. Example formula: =IF(ISBLANK(C3),””,(IF(AND(U3>=0,U3<=150),150,U3)))

9/4/2020 Version 7.1 – Fixed an error where spiffs in all months were pulling from January’s Spiff log instead of the proper month. N2 should have =SUM(‘JAN SPIFFS’!B2:B) with the appropriate month’s abbreviation. JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, and DEC.

9/4/2020 Version 7.2 – Fixed negative gross error. If a deal has a negative gross, the gross commission shouldn’t be negative. Even negative gross is paid a minimum commission of $150. To fix update the formulas in column H3:H to the following =IF(ISBLANK(C3),””,(IF(AND(U3>=-100000,U3<=150),150,U3))) for all months.